CiaoPP batch processing

Author(s): Isabel Garcia-Contreras.

This is the command line interface for the batch analysis ciaopp_batch(ciaopp_batch) library.

Usage: ciaopp-batch AbsInt [Paths]

Analyze a list of directories:

?- use_module(ciaopp_batch(ciaopp_batch)).
?- analysis_start([Dir1, Dir2], []).

To see more options see page Analysis management predicates.

Generate a report of an analyzed directory:

The following command generates a directory allure-results in the directory from which the command is run. The diretory will contain an xml file for each of the domains that the directory was analyzed for.

$ ciaopp_batch_report Dir

Visualize a report:

The analysis report in xml can be processed with the allure tool. Once the tool is installed, visualize the results by running in the same directory as the results were generated

$ allure serve