Naive reader of Ciao modules

Author(s): Isabel Garcia-Contreras.

This module assumes that all directives are present at the beginning of the module.

Usage and interface

Documentation on exports



Reads a module Mod located in ModPath. The previous information stored for module Mod will be cleaned.

  • The following properties should hold at call time:
    (atm/1)Mod is an atom.
    (atm/1)ModPath is an atom.

Cleans the reader (previously readed clauses).

A clause writen in a module, it is of the form module_clause(ClType, Pred, A, Mod, ClN, Head, Body). The predicate is of type data.


Summarizes the number of clauses present in each of the modules loaded in the database. The format of Sum is compatible with the input of edition_sequence_generator.

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    This module has the following direct dependencies: