plai_db (answer table) instances

Author(s): Isabel Garcia-Contreras.

This module stores instances of plai_db, independently of their representation (complete/7 and registry/3).

And offers a unified representation (see plai_db_tuple/8).


At any point of the execution of an analysis its state can be copied with copy_db/2

Usage and interface

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Copies a plai_db a DB that is enumerated with Generator to a local database with id DBId.

  • The following properties should hold at call time:
    (atm/1)FromId is an atom.
    (atm/1)ToId is an atom.


Unified interface for plai_db instances. Variables in the tuple are:

Same as complete/7 for SgKey, AbsInt, Sg, Call and Succ.

  • Id: Is an id of the tuple (it can be a free variable if the external database has no ids, and an Id will be generated in this module).
  • Add: Additional user information (which will not be used for comparison), for example, for keeping track of the calls.


    Id is an identifier of a database used at runtime in CiaoPP.

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