Gathering the dependent files for a file

Author(s): Daniel Cabeza, Manuel Hermenegildo.

This simple program takes a single Ciao or Prolog source filename (which is typically the main file of an application). It prints out the list of all the dependent files, i.e., all files needed in order to build the application, including those which reside in libraries. This is particularly useful in Makefiles, for building standalone distributions (e.g., .tar files) automatically.

The filename should be followed by other arguments which will be taken to be library directory paths in which to look for files used by the file being analyzed.

Usage (get_deps)

	get_deps [-u <filename>] <filename> [lib_dir1] ... [lib_dirN]
           : return dependent files for <filename> 
             found in [lib_dir1] ... [lib_dirN]

	get_deps -h
           : print this information