Resolution of Bibliographical References

Author(s): Manuel Hermenegildo (original version), Jose F. Morales.

This module provides a predicate to resolve the bibliographical references found during the generation of documentation.

Documentation on exports


Usage: resolve_bibliography(DocSt)

  • Description: This predicate resolves bibliographical references. The algorithm is as follows:
    • Write all the bibliographical references to a .aux file.
    • Invoke BibTeX with a customized .bst file that generates a pseudo-docstring.
    • Load the docstring and fix its syntax.
    • Parse the docstring as a doctree.
    • Extract (Label,Ref) pairs from bibitem commands.

    Both the docstring and label/reference pairs are kept in the DocSt, and used later to map symbolic references to textual labels.

  • The following properties should hold at call time: