Image Handling

Author(s): Jose F. Morales.

This module defines the handling of image commands. It defines predicates to locate and convert images in the different formats required for documentation.

Note: This part needs better documentation. -- JFMC

Documentation on exports


Usage: locate_and_convert_image(SrcSpecS,AcceptedFormats,DocSt,TargetFileS)

  • Description: The image at SrcSpecS is located (as one of the known formats known_format/1) and converted to one of the AcceptedFormats. The target file is called TargetFileS
  • Call and exit should be compatible with:
    (string/1)SrcSpecS is a string (a list of character codes).
    (list/2)AcceptedFormats is a list of atoms.
    (string/1)TargetFileS is a string (a list of character codes).



  • Description: Clean the cache for image copy/conversions.