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Foreign Language Interface Properties

Author(s): Jose Morales, Manuel Carro.

Version: 1.10#6 (2004/8/7, 21:46:39 CEST)

Version of last change: 1.9#229 (2003/12/22, 17:34:59 CET)

The foreign language interface uses some properties to specify linking regimes, foreign files to be compiled, types of data available, memory allocation policies, etc.

Usage and interface (foreign_interface_properties)

Documentation on exports (foreign_interface_properties)

REGTYPE: int_list/1:

Usage: int_list(List)

REGTYPE: byte_list/1:

Usage: byte_list(List)

REGTYPE: byte/1:

Usage: byte(Byte)

REGTYPE: null/1:

Usage: null(Address)

REGTYPE: address/1:

Usage: address(Address)

REGTYPE: any_term/1:

Usage: any_term(X)

PROPERTY: native/1:

Usage: native(Name)

PROPERTY: native/2:

Usage: native(PrologName, ForeignName)

PROPERTY: size_of/3:

Usage: size_of(Name, ListVar, SizeVar)

PROPERTY: foreign/1:

Usage: foreign(Name)

PROPERTY: foreign/2:

Usage: foreign(PrologName, ForeignName)

PROPERTY: returns/2:

Usage: returns(Name, Var)

PROPERTY: do_not_free/2:

Usage: do_not_free(Name, Var)

Documentation on internals (foreign_interface_properties)

DECLARATION: use_foreign_source/1:

Usage: :- use_foreign_source(Files).

DECLARATION: use_foreign_source/2:

Usage: :- use_foreign_source(OsArch, Files).

DECLARATION: use_foreign_library/1:

Usage: :- use_foreign_library(Libs).

DECLARATION: use_foreign_library/2:

Usage: :- use_foreign_library(OsArch, Libs).

DECLARATION: extra_compiler_opts/1:

Usage: :- extra_compiler_opts(Opts).

DECLARATION: extra_compiler_opts/2:

Usage: :- extra_compiler_opts(OsArch, Opts).

DECLARATION: use_compiler/1:

Usage: :- use_compiler(Compiler).

DECLARATION: use_compiler/2:

Usage: :- use_compiler(OsArch, Compiler).

DECLARATION: extra_linker_opts/1:

Usage: :- extra_linker_opts(Opts).

DECLARATION: extra_linker_opts/2:

Usage: :- extra_linker_opts(OsArch, Opts).

DECLARATION: use_linker/1:

Usage: :- use_linker(Linker).

DECLARATION: use_linker/2:

Usage: :- use_linker(OsArch, Linker).

Known bugs and planned improvements (foreign_interface_properties)

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