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Low level interface library to Tcl/Tk

Author(s): Montse Iglesias Urraca.

Version: 1.10#6 (2004/8/7, 21:46:39 CEST)

Version of last change: 1.9#348 (2004/6/8, 12:6:40 CEST)

The tcltk_low_level library defines the low level interface used by the tcltk library. Essentially it includes all the code related directly to the handling of sockets and processes. This library should normally not be used directly by user programs, which use tcltk instead. On the other hand in some cases it may be useful to undertand how this library works in order to understand possible problems in programs that use the tcltk library.

Usage and interface (tcltk_low_level)

Documentation on exports (tcltk_low_level)

PREDICATE: new_interp/1:

Usage: new_interp(-TclInterpreter)

PREDICATE: new_interp/2:

Usage: new_interp(-TclInterpreter, +Options)

PREDICATE: new_interp_file/2:

Usage: new_interp_file(+FileName, -TclInterpreter)

PREDICATE: tcltk/2:

Usage: tcltk(+Code, +TclInterpreter)

PREDICATE: tcltk_raw_code/2:

Usage: tcltk_raw_code(+String, +TclInterpreter)

PREDICATE: receive_result/2:

Usage: receive_result(-Result, +TclInterpreter)

PREDICATE: send_term/2:

Usage: send_term(+String, +TclInterpreter)

PREDICATE: receive_event/2:

Usage: receive_event(-Event, +TclInterpreter)

PREDICATE: receive_list/2:

Usage: receive_list(-List, +TclInterpreter)

PREDICATE: receive_confirm/2:

Usage: receive_confirm(-String, +TclInterpreter)

PREDICATE: delete/1:

Usage: delete(+TclInterpreter)

Documentation on internals (tcltk_low_level)

PREDICATE: core/1:

Usage: core(+String)

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