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Set Operations

Author(s): Lena Flood.

Version: 1.10#6 (2004/8/7, 21:46:39 CEST)

Version of last change: 1.9#239 (2003/12/22, 18:32:52 CET)

This module implements set operations. Sets are just ordered lists.

Usage and interface (sets)

Documentation on exports (sets)

PREDICATE: insert/3:

Usage: insert(+Set1, +Element, -Set2)

PREDICATE: ord_delete/3:

Usage: ord_delete(+Set0, +X, -Set)

PREDICATE: ord_member/2:

Usage: ord_member(+X, +Set)

PREDICATE: ord_test_member/3:

Usage: ord_test_member(+Set, +X, -Result)

PREDICATE: ord_subtract/3:

Usage: ord_subtract(+Set1, +Set2, ?Difference)

PREDICATE: ord_intersection/3:

Usage: ord_intersection(+Set1, +Set2, ?Intersection)

PREDICATE: ord_intersection_diff/4:

Usage: ord_intersection_diff(+Set1, +Set2, -Intersect, -NotIntersect)

PREDICATE: ord_intersect/2:

Usage: ord_intersect(+Xs, +Ys)

PREDICATE: ord_subset/2:

Usage: ord_subset(+Xs, +Ys)

PREDICATE: ord_subset_diff/3:

Usage: ord_subset_diff(+Set1, +Set2, -Difference)

PREDICATE: ord_union/3:

Usage: ord_union(+Set1, +Set2, ?Union)

PREDICATE: ord_union_diff/4:

Usage: ord_union_diff(+Set1, +Set2, -Union, -Difference)

PREDICATE: ord_union_symdiff/4:

Usage: ord_union_symdiff(+Set1, +Set2, -Union, -Diff)

PREDICATE: ord_union_change/3:

Usage: ord_union_change(+Set1, +Set2, -Union)

PREDICATE: merge/3:

Usage: merge(+Set1, +Set2, ?Union)

PREDICATE: ord_disjoint/2:

Usage: ord_disjoint(+Set1, +Set2)

PREDICATE: setproduct/3:

Usage: setproduct(+Set1, +Set2, -Product)

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