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ProVRML - a Prolog interface for VRML

Author(s): Göran Smedbäck, (Some changes by MCL), clip@dia.fi.upm.es, http://www.clip.dia.fi.upm.es/, The CLIP Group, Facultad de Informática, Universidad Politécnica de Madrid.

Version: 1.10#6 (2004/8/7, 21:46:39 CEST)

Version of last change: 0.1#1 (1998/12/10, 16:19:45 MET)

ProVRML is Prolog library to handle VRML code. The library consists of modules to handle the tokenising, that is breaking the VRML code into smaller parts that can be analysed further. The further analysis will be the parsing. This is a complex part of the library and consists of several modules to handle errors and value check. When the parsing is done we have the Prolog terms of the VRML code. The terms are quite similar to the origin VRML code and can easily be read if you recognise that syntax.

This Prolog terms of the VRML code is then possible to use for analysis, reconstruction, reverse enginering, building blocks for automatic generation of VRML code. There are several possibilities and these are only some of them.

When you are done with the Prolog terms for the code, you would probably want to reverse the action and return to VRML code. This is done with the code generation modules. These are built up in more or less the same manner as the parser modules.

Usage and interface (provrml)

Documentation on exports (provrml)

PREDICATE: vrml_web_to_terms/2:

Usage: vrml_web_to_terms(+WEBAddress, -Terms)

PREDICATE: vrml_file_to_terms/2:

Usage 1: vrml_file_to_terms(+FileName, -Term)

Usage 2: vrml_file_to_terms(+FileName, +Terms)

PREDICATE: vrml_web_to_terms_file/2:

Usage: vrml_web_to_terms_file(+WEBAddress, +FileName)

PREDICATE: vrml_file_to_terms_file/2:

No further documentation available for this predicate.

PREDICATE: terms_file_to_vrml/2:

Usage: terms_file_to_vrml(+FileName, -List)

PREDICATE: terms_file_to_vrml_file/2:

Usage: terms_file_to_vrml_file(+Atom, +Atom)

PREDICATE: terms_to_vrml_file/2:

Usage: terms_to_vrml_file(+Term, +FileName)

PREDICATE: terms_to_vrml/2:

Usage: terms_to_vrml(+Term, -VRMLCode)

PREDICATE: vrml_to_terms/2:

Usage: vrml_to_terms(+VRMLCode, -Terms)

PREDICATE: vrml_in_out/2:

Usage: vrml_in_out(+FileName, +FileName)

PREDICATE: vrml_http_access/2:

Usage: vrml_http_access(+ReadFilename, +BaseFilename)

Documentation on internals (provrml)

PREDICATE: read_page/2:

Usage: read_page(+WEBAddress, -Data)

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