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Term output

Author(s): Adapted from shared code written by Richard A. O'Keefe. Changes by Mats Carlsson, Daniel Cabeza, Manuel Hermenegildo, and Manuel Carro..

Version: 1.10#6 (2004/8/7, 21:46:39 CEST)

Version of last change: 1.9#290 (2004/2/13, 20:20:3 CET)

This library provides different predicates for term output, additional to the kernel predicates display/1- display/2 and displayq/1-displayq/2. All the predicates defined in ISO-Prolog are included, plus other traditionally provided by Prolog Implementations. Output predicates are provided in two versions: one that uses the current output stream and other in which the stream is specified explicitly, as an additional first argument.

Usage and interface (write)

Documentation on exports (write)

PREDICATE: write_term/3:

Usage: write_term(@Stream, ?Term, +OptList) * ISO *

PREDICATE: write_term/2:

Usage: write_term(?Term, +OptList) * ISO *

PROPERTY: write_option/1:

Opt is a valid write option which affects the predicate write_term/3 and similar ones. Possible write_options are:


Usage: write_option(Opt)

PREDICATE: write/2:

Usage: write(@Stream, ?Term) * ISO *

PREDICATE: write/1:

Usage: write(?Term) * ISO *

PREDICATE: writeq/2:

Usage: writeq(@Stream, ?Term) * ISO *

PREDICATE: writeq/1:

Usage: writeq(?Term) * ISO *

PREDICATE: write_canonical/2:

Usage: write_canonical(@Stream, ?Term) * ISO *

PREDICATE: write_canonical/1:

Usage: write_canonical(?Term) * ISO *

PREDICATE: print/2:

Usage: print(@Stream, ?Term)

PREDICATE: print/1:

Usage: print(?Term)

PREDICATE: write_list1/1:


PREDICATE: portray_clause/2:

Usage: portray_clause(@Stream, ?Clause)

PREDICATE: portray_clause/1:

Usage: portray_clause(?Clause)

PREDICATE: numbervars/3:

Usage: numbervars(?Term, +N, ?M)

PREDICATE: prettyvars/1:

Usage: prettyvars(?Term)

PREDICATE: printable_char/1:

Usage: printable_char(+Char)

Documentation on multifiles (write)

PREDICATE: define_flag/3:

Defines flags as follows:


(See section Changing system behaviour and various flags).

If flag is on, lists which may be written as strings are.

The predicate is multifile.

PREDICATE: portray_attribute/2:

The predicate is multifile.

Usage: portray_attribute(Attr, Var)

PREDICATE: portray/1:

The predicate is multifile.

Usage: portray(?Term)

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