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List processing

Author(s): The CLIP Group.

Version: 1.10#6 (2004/8/7, 21:46:39 CEST)

Version of last change: 1.9#318 (2004/2/26, 15:46:54 CET)

This module provides a set of predicates for list processing.

Usage and interface (lists)

Documentation on exports (lists)

PREDICATE: nonsingle/1:

Usage: nonsingle(X)

PREDICATE: append/3:

Usage: append(Xs, Ys, Zs)

PREDICATE: reverse/2:

Usage: reverse(Xs, Ys)

PREDICATE: reverse/3:

Usage: reverse(A, B, C)

PREDICATE: delete/3:

Usage: delete(L1, E, L2)

PREDICATE: delete_non_ground/3:

Usage: delete_non_ground(L1, E, L2)

PREDICATE: select/3:

Usage: select(X, Xs, Ys)

PREDICATE: length/2:

General properties: length(A, B)

Usage 1: length(L, N)

Usage 2: length(L, N)

Usage 3: length(L, N)


nth(N, List, Elem)

N is the position in List of Elem. N counts from one.

Usage 1: nth(+int, ?list, ?term)

Usage 2: nth(-int, ?list, ?term)

PREDICATE: add_after/4:

Usage: add_after(+L0, +E0, +E, -L)

PREDICATE: add_before/4:

Usage: add_before(+L0, +E0, +E, -L)

PROPERTY: list1/2:

Meta-predicate with arguments: list1(?,pred(1)).

Usage: list1(X, Y)

PREDICATE: dlist/3:

Usage: dlist(List, DList, Tail)

PREDICATE: list_concat/2:

Usage: list_concat(LL, L)

PREDICATE: list_insert/2:

Usage: list_insert(-List, +Term)

PREDICATE: insert_last/3:

Usage: insert_last(+L0, +E, -L)

PREDICATE: contains_ro/2:


PREDICATE: contains1/2:


PREDICATE: nocontainsx/2:

Usage: nocontainsx(L, X)

PREDICATE: last/2:

Usage: last(L, X)

PREDICATE: list_lookup/3:

Usage: list_lookup(List, Key, Value)

PREDICATE: list_lookup/4:

Usage: list_lookup(List, Functor, Key, Value)

PREDICATE: intset_insert/3:

Usage: intset_insert(A, B, Set)

PREDICATE: intset_delete/3:

Usage: intset_delete(A, B, Set)

PREDICATE: intset_in/2:

Usage: intset_in(E, Set)

PREDICATE: intset_sequence/3:

Usage: intset_sequence(N, L1, L2)

PREDICATE: intersection/3:

Usage: intersection(+List1, +List2, -List)

PREDICATE: union/3:

Usage: union(+List1, +List2, -List)

PREDICATE: difference/3:

Usage: difference(+List1, +List2, -List)

PROPERTY: sublist/2:

Usage: sublist(List1, List2)

PROPERTY: subordlist/2:

Usage: subordlist(List1, List2)

PREDICATE: equal_lists/2:

Usage: equal_lists(+List1, +List2)

PREDICATE: list_to_list_of_lists/2:

Usage: list_to_list_of_lists(+List, -LList)

PREDICATE: powerset/2:

Usage: powerset(+List, -LList)

PREDICATE: cross_product/2:

Usage: cross_product(+LList, -List)

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