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Prolog system internal predicates

Author(s): Manuel Carro, Daniel Cabeza, Mats Carlsson.

Version: 1.10#6 (2004/8/7, 21:46:39 CEST)

Version of last change: 1.9#92 (2003/7/24, 8:4:39 CEST)

This module implements some miscellaneous predicates which provide access to some internal statistics, special properties of the predicates, etc.

Usage and interface (prolog_sys)

Documentation on exports (prolog_sys)

PREDICATE: statistics/0:


PREDICATE: statistics/2:

Usage 1: statistics(Time_option, Time_result)

Usage 2: statistics(Memory_option, Memory_result)

Usage 3: statistics(Garbage_collection_option, Gc_result)

Usage 4: statistics(Symbol_option, Symbol_result)

Usage 5: statistics(Option, ?term)

PREDICATE: predicate_property/2:

Usage: predicate_property(Head, Property)

PREDICATE: current_atom/1:

Usage: current_atom(Atom)

PREDICATE: garbage_collect/0:


PREDICATE: new_atom/1:

Usage: new_atom(Atom)

Documentation on internals (prolog_sys)

REGTYPE: time_option/1:

Usage: time_option(M)

REGTYPE: memory_option/1:

Usage: memory_option(M)

REGTYPE: garbage_collection_option/1:

Usage: garbage_collection_option(M)

REGTYPE: symbol_option/1:

Usage: symbol_option(M)

REGTYPE: time_result/1:

Usage: time_result(Result)

REGTYPE: memory_result/1:

Usage: memory_result(Result)

REGTYPE: gc_result/1:

Usage: gc_result(Result)

REGTYPE: symbol_result/1:

Usage: symbol_result(Result)

Known bugs and planned improvements (prolog_sys)

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