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Printing status and error messages

Author(s): The CLIP Group.

Version: 1.10#6 (2004/8/7, 21:46:39 CEST)

Version of last change: 1.9#282 (2004/2/13, 15:20:28 CET)

This is a very simple library for printing status and error messages to the console.

Usage and interface (messages)

Documentation on exports (messages)

PREDICATE: error_message/1:

Meta-predicate with arguments: error_message(addmodule).

Usage: error_message(Text)

PREDICATE: error_message/2:

Meta-predicate with arguments: error_message(?,addmodule).

Usage: error_message(Text, ArgList)

PREDICATE: error_message/3:

Meta-predicate with arguments: error_message(?,?,addmodule).

Usage: error_message(Lc, Text, ArgList)

PREDICATE: warning_message/1:

Meta-predicate with arguments: warning_message(addmodule).

Usage: warning_message(Text)

PREDICATE: warning_message/2:

Meta-predicate with arguments: warning_message(?,addmodule).

Usage: warning_message(Text, ArgList)

PREDICATE: warning_message/3:

Meta-predicate with arguments: warning_message(?,?,addmodule).

Usage: warning_message(Lc, Text, ArgList)

PREDICATE: note_message/1:

Meta-predicate with arguments: note_message(addmodule).

Usage: note_message(Text)

PREDICATE: note_message/2:

Meta-predicate with arguments: note_message(?,addmodule).

Usage: note_message(Text, ArgList)

PREDICATE: note_message/3:

Meta-predicate with arguments: note_message(?,?,addmodule).

Usage: note_message(Lc, Text, ArgList)

PREDICATE: simple_message/1:

Usage: simple_message(Text)

PREDICATE: simple_message/2:

Usage: simple_message(Text, ArgList)

PREDICATE: optional_message/2:

Usage: optional_message(Text, Opts)

PREDICATE: optional_message/3:

Usage: optional_message(Text, ArgList, Opts)

PREDICATE: debug_message/1:

Meta-predicate with arguments: debug_message(addmodule).

Usage: debug_message(Text)

PREDICATE: debug_message/2:

Meta-predicate with arguments: debug_message(?,addmodule).

Usage: debug_message(Text, ArgList)

PREDICATE: debug_goal/2:

Meta-predicate with arguments: debug_goal(goal,addmodule).

Usage: debug_goal(Goal, Text)

PREDICATE: debug_goal/3:

Meta-predicate with arguments: debug_goal(goal,?,addmodule).

Usage: debug_goal(Goal, Text, ArgList)

Documentation on multifiles (messages)

PREDICATE: issue_debug_messages/1:

The predicate is multifile.

The predicate is of type data.

Usage: issue_debug_messages(Module)

Documentation on internals (messages)

REGTYPE: location/1:


Known bugs and planned improvements (messages)

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