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The socket interface

Author(s): Manuel Carro, Daniel Cabeza.

Version: 1.10#6 (2004/8/7, 21:46:39 CEST)

Version of last change: 1.7#58 (2001/2/8, 11:46:41 CET)

This module defines primitives to open sockets, send, and receive data from them. This allows communicating with other processes, on the same machine or across the Internet. The reader should also consult standard bibliography on the topic for a proper use of these primitives.

Usage and interface (sockets)

Documentation on exports (sockets)

PREDICATE: connect_to_socket/3:

Usage: connect_to_socket(+Host, +Port, -Stream)

PREDICATE: socket_recv/2:

Usage: socket_recv(+Stream, ?String)

REGTYPE: socket_type/1:

Defines the atoms which can be used to specify the socket type recognized by connect_to_socket_type/4. Defined as follows:


Usage: socket_type(T)

REGTYPE: shutdown_type/1:

Usage: shutdown_type(T)

PREDICATE: hostname_address/2:

Usage: hostname_address(+Hostname, ?Address)

PREDICATE: socket_shutdown/2:

Usage: socket_shutdown(+Stream, +How)

PREDICATE: socket_recv_code/3:

Usage: socket_recv_code(+Stream, ?String, ?Length)

PREDICATE: socket_send/2:

Usage: socket_send(+Stream, +String)

PREDICATE: select_socket/5:

Usage: select_socket(+Socket, -NewStream, +TO_ms, +Streams, -ReadStreams)

PREDICATE: socket_accept/2:

Usage: socket_accept(+Sock, -Stream)

PREDICATE: bind_socket/3:

Usage: bind_socket(?Port, +Length, -Socket)

PREDICATE: connect_to_socket_type/4:

Usage: connect_to_socket_type(+Host, +Port, +Type, -Stream)

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