The Bundle Catalog

This is the official collection of available bundles for Ciao.
The links below provide detailed information for each bundle, their dependencies, source repositories, and manuals.

Core bundles

coreCiao compiler and standard libraries
builderCiao Builder: build automation for Ciao

Standard bundles

lpdocDocumentation Generator
ciaoppThe CiaoPP Program Processor
ciao_emacsThe Ciao mode for Emacs
ciaodbgSome Debugging, Testing, and Profiling utilities for Ciao
alldocsGeneral Ciao documentation
ciaofmtAutomatic source code formatting

Other bundles

yap_libsYap libraries for Commons
ciao_chrCHR for Ciao
testsuiteA general test suite for Ciao
cleandirsA Program to Help Cleaning your Directories
typeslibRegular Types Library
synch_actionsSynchronize two directories
mycinMYCIN-style inference
ciao_tcltkBidirectional Tcl/Tk interface for Ciao
ciao_pplCiao bindings for the PPL
ciao_javaCiao/Java Bidirectional Interface
ciaomathMathematical libraries
wuiWUI: Web-based User Interface components for Ciao
iso_testsISO Prolog tests for Ciao
gendotGraphviz DOT generator
poly_clpqClosed Rational Polyhedra based on CLP(Q)
websiteThe Ciao Website
ciaopp_testsTest for CiaoPP
tclpTCLP - tabled constraint logic programming
ciao_gslCiao bindings for GSL
chat80Chat-80 port to Ciao
ciao_guiLauncher of Ciao GUI applications