Bundle Catalog

This is the catalog of available Ciao bundles. The links below provide detailed information for each bundle (description, manuals, repositories, dependencies, reverse dependencies, build status, and runnable and downloadable artifacts).

Core bundles

coreCiao compiler and standard libraries
builderCiao Builder: build automation for Ciao

Standard bundles

lpdocDocumentation Generator
ciaofmtAutomatic source code formatting
ciaodbgSome Debugging, Testing, and Profiling utilities for Ciao
alldocsGeneral Ciao documentation
ciao_emacsThe Ciao mode for Emacs
ciaoppThe Ciao Preprocessor

Other bundles

dht_chordDistributed Hash Table (using Chord)
bibutilsPublication list generation (bibutils)
ciaopp_onlineCiaoPP Web interface
ciao_pplCiao bindings for the PPL
ciao_gslCiao bindings for GSL
ciaopp_testsTest for CiaoPP
ciaopp_batchDriver for analyzing (CiaoPP) collections of modules
chat80_uiWeb interface for Chat-80
timingmodelTiming Model (a simple WAM for time analysis)
chat80Chat-80 port to Ciao
catalog_uiCiao Bundle Catalog (UI)
testsuiteA general test suite for Ciao
jvm_in_ciaoJVM implemented in Ciao
ciao_chrCHR for Ciao
xml_extraExtra libraries for XML
core_OCOptimizing Ciao Compiler (OptimComp)
ciaomathMathematical libraries
core_OCjsOptimComp-based JS backend for Ciao
websiteThe Ciao Website
gendotGraphviz DOT generator
ciao_javaCiao/Java Bidirectional Interface
ciao_llvmA high-level LLVM interface for Ciao
tclpTCLP - tabled constraint logic programming
ciao_tcltkBidirectional Tcl/Tk interface for Ciao
mycinMYCIN-style inference
poly_clpqClosed Rational Polyhedra based on CLP(Q)
wuiWUI: Web-based User Interface components for Ciao
yap_libsYap libraries for Commons
typeslibRegular Types Library