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Version: 1.20.0
Manuals: ciao_builder
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Ciao Builder: build automation for Ciao

See doc/ for usage and detailed documentation regarding the Ciao Builder.

This build system is mostly written in Ciao, with the exception of some shell script code needed to bootstrap, perform platform-dependent configuration, and interact with existing C compilers to generate native code.

Code is organized as follows:

cmds/         command-line builder, in Ciao
src/          Ciao source of the builder modules
sh_boot/      sh scripts for bootstrap
sh_src/       sh scripts for incremental native code build and
              platform-dependent configuration
All shell scripts are POSIX (/bin/sh) portable. Additional dependencies are some modern C compiler (like GCC or clang/LLVM), GNU binutils, and GNU make. Code at sh_boot/ should only be needed during first build, while code under sh_src/ is needed if you wish Ciao to compile to native code (executables, shared or dynamic libraries).

Portability notes

Porting to non-POSIX systems would require specific versions of code in sh_boot/ and sh_src/. Keep code at sh_src/ as simple as possible and do not try to port it to Prolog:

  • Code at sh_src/ is needed for sh_boot/ (so we will have duplicates)
  • No additional dependency would be removed from those required by the C toolchain.