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Version: 0.1
Manuals: ciao_llvm
Source: repository
Used by: ciaopp_extra

A high-level LLVM interface for Ciao

This is a very high-level (and incomplete) interface to LLVM. It is currently focused on the generation of Horn clauses (as Ciao programs) from LLVM IR, which is a necessary component in the analysis of imperative programs by CiaoPP.

Use ciao configure . to configure the bundle, ciao build . to build it, and ciao test . to run its tests.

See this bundle manual for more details (ciao doc ciao_llvm).


This bundle requires LLVM 3.9. It can be installed as follows:

  • brew install llvm3.9 (macOS with homebrew)
  • sudo apt-get install llvm-3.9 (Ubuntu/Debian)