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Version: 1.15.0
Manuals: core_OC
Source: repository
Used by: core_OCjs

Optimizing Ciao Compiler (OptimComp)

OptimComp is the experimental branch of the Ciao compiler and engine that implements the techniques described in:

This is an experimental (low-level) optimizing Ciao compiler, including compilation to C and a custom abstract machine generation from the ImProlog dialect.

Please consult the manual in this bundle for more details on usage, development and status.

Quick start

OptimComp can be compiled from the Ciao Builder as follows:

$ ciaooc:build
You may use the oc:tests command to test your build. E.g.,:
$ ciao oc:tests full
For usage from a command-line you must setup up the environment for bash or csh:
$ eval `ciao oc:bash-env` # bash
$ eval `ciao oc:csh-env` # csh
All the compilation files and binaries will be stored in the directory <CIAOROOT>/build/oc-cache. OptimComp should not leave any compiler output in the sources.