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Version: 3.4.0
Manuals: lpdoc lpdoc_devel
Source: repository

Documentation Generator

lpdoc is an automatic program documentation generator for (C)LP systems.

lpdoc generates documentation from one or more source files for a logic program (including ISO-Prolog, Ciao, and other CLP). It is particularly useful for documenting library modules, for which it automatically generates a description of the module interface. lpdoc can also be used quite successfully to document full applications and to format single documentation files.

The quality of the documentation generated can be greatly enhanced by including within the program text:

  • assertions (types, modes, etc. ...) for the predicates in the program, and
  • machine-readable comments (in the “literate programming” style).
The assertions and comments included in the source file need to be written using the Ciao system assertion language.

lpdoc can generate documentation in multiple formats, including HTML, pdf, info, and ascii.

lpdoc is distributed under the GNU general public license.