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Dependencies: ciaodbg

A general test suite for Ciao

This is a general test suite for the Ciao language, its implementation, and the integration of several of its tools and components (that is, integration tests and benchmarks).

Tests here should allow measuring:

  • correctness of compiler, optimizer, analyzer, etc. (including parser, pretty print, output, ...)
  • performance (time, memory consumption) of the engine, runtime, libraries, compiler and analysis
  • comparison with other languages and Prolog implementations
NOTE: Do not include unit tests for particular libraries here.

NOTE: See the iso_tests bundle for a ISO standard testsuite


Clone this repository into your workspace or install with ciao get testsuite. Then run:
ciao test testsuite # run tests
ciao bench testsuite # run benchmarks
The testsuite bundle name is optional if you execute ciao from the testsuite directory.