Display information about Ciao object files

Author(s): Manuel Hermenegildo, Daniel Cabeza, Manuel Carro, Jose F. Morales.

This program outputs in symbolic form the information contained in a Ciao object file produced by the Ciao compiler. This information includes:

This program is specially useful for example for checking what assertions the assertion normalizer is producing from the original assertions in the file, what the compiler is actually seeing after some of the syntactic expansions (but before goal translations), or what bytecode instructions are generated.


ciaodump <options> <filename>

where the possible options are:

     Print this information

  -itf <filename>[.itf]
     Print .itf contents in symbolic form

  -asr0 <filename>[.asr]
     Print .asr contents in symbolic form (raw form)

  -asr <filename>[.asr]
     Pretty print .asr contents in symbolic form

  -fastrw <filename>
     Decode a file written with the fastrw library

  -norm [-v] [-m] <-a|-f|-c|-e> <filename>[.pl]
     Print output of compiler's pass one

     -v : verbose output (e.g., lists all files read)
     -m : restrict info to current module (omit imported)
     -a : print assertions (only code-oriented assertions -- not
      comment-oriented assertions), after normalization
     -f : print declarations, code, and interface (imports/exports, etc.)
      after compiler's pass one
     -c : print code only
     -e : print only errors - useful to check syntax of assertions in file
     <filename> must be the name of a Ciao source file.
  -po <filename>[.po]
     Print .po contents in symbolic form

  -wam <filename>[.pl]
     Print WAM code (simplified) for a .pl file