Properties related to polyhedral constraints

These properties are part of the native_props library.

Usage and interface

  • Library usage:
    :- use_module(library(assertions/native_props))

    or also as a package :- use_package(nativeprops).

    Note the slightly different names of the library and the package.

  • Exports:

Documentation on exports


C contains a list of linear (in)equalities that relate variables and int values. For example, [A < B + 4] is a constraint while [A < BC + 4] or [A = 3.4, B >= C] are not. Used by polyhedra-based analyses.


C is a list of linear equations.

  • The following properties should hold globally:
    (basic_props:native/1)This predicate is understood natively by CiaoPP.

Documentation on imports

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