The UPM-CLIP Benchmark Collection

This directory contains a collection of Prolog and CLP programs that
we have gathered over the years at the CLIP (Computational Logic,
Implementation, and Parallelism group) at UPM (Technical University of
Madrid).  These programs have been used as benchmarks by us and other

If you use any of them, please cite its origins (as shown below), and
the CLIP group as their source.

Do not remove headers of the files, since it is the intention of the
original authors to be provided as (public) copyright of their programs.

The subdirectories contain the following Benchmark programs:

Aquarius - From the Aquarius Prolog distribution.
	   See P. Van Roy and A.M. Despain. High-Performace Logic Programming 
	   with the Aquarius Prolog Compiler. IEEE Computer Magazine,
	   January, 1992, pages 54-68.

Chat80 - D.H.D. Warren's Chat-80 sources.

Debray - Sent by Saumya K. Debray (some from SB-Prolog)

Effectiveness - From the testing of PLAI in extracting parallelism.
		See F.Bueno and M.Garcia de la Banda and M.Hermenegildo.
		Effectiveness of Global Analysis in Strict Independence-Based 
		Automatic Program Parallelization. ILPS'94, MIT Press,
		November, 1994, pages 320-336.

Gaia - From the distribution of GAIA.
       See B. Le Charlier and P. Van Hentenryck. Experimental Evaluation of a 
       Generic Abstract Interpretation Algorithm for Prolog. ACM Transactions 
       on Programming Languages and Systems, 1994, vol. 16, number 1, pages 

Granul - From the distribution of CASLOG (annotated to suit PLAI's framework).
	 See S.K. Debray and N.W. Lin. Cost Analysis of Logic Programs.
	 ACM Transactions on Programming Languages and Systems, 1993, vol. 15,
	 number 5, pages 826-875.

Pl2 - Used to test the pl2akl and pl2andorraI translators.
      See F.Bueno and M.Hermenegildo. An Automatic Translation Scheme from 
      Prolog to the Andorra Kernel Language. FGCS'92, ICOT, June, 1992,
      vol. 2, pages 759-769.
      See M.Olmedilla and F.Bueno and M.Hermenegildo. Automatic Exploitation 
      of Non-Determinate Independent And-Parallelism in the Basic Andorra 
      Model. LOPSTR'93, WCS, Springer-Verlag, July, 1993, pages 117-195.

CLP - Used in testing PLAI analyzing CLP.
      See M. Garcia de la Banda, M. Hermenegildo, M. Bruynooghe, V. Dumortier,
      G. Janssens and W. Simoens. Global Analysis of Constraint Logic Programs.
      Technical Report CW205. K.U.Leuven. Belgium. Also in Maria
      Garcia de la Banda's and Veroniek Dumortier's theses. 

CLPR - From the CLP(R) distribution.
       See J. Jaffar and S. Michaylov. Methodology and Implementation of a CLP
       System. ICLP'87, MIT Press, 1987, pages 196-219.

CIAO - Used in testing (parallel CLP) CIAO-Prolog.

More - Some extra programs from who-knows-where-or-whom.

TDvBU - Usend in testing Top-Down/Bottom-Up approaches to goal independent
	See M. Codish, M. Garcia de la Banda, M. Bruynooghe, M. Hermenegildo.
	Goal Dependent vs Goal Independent Analysis of Logic Programs.
        International Conference on Logic Programming and Automated Reasoning.
	LNAI 822, Springer-Verlag, 1994, pages 305-320.

OtherPeople - Sent by other people.

pool - Programs not yet used as benchmarks (mostly programmed by CLIP guys).

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