Getting started

Author(s): The Ciao Development Team.

This part guides you through some very basic first steps with Ciao on Unix-style systems (e.g., Linux, macOS, etc.) and Windows systems.

We begin with the installation instructions in Installing Ciao from the source distribution (or Installing Ciao from a Win32 binary distribution). The following sections assume that Ciao is already installed correctly on your system. It is a good idea to perform the tests in Checking for correct installation on Unix (or Checking for correct installation on Win32) to check that Ciao is installed correctly (these are the same tests that you are instructed to do during installation, so you can obviously skip them if you have done them already at that time). If any of these tests do not succeed please review the installation instructions.

We continue with a description of the basics of Using Ciao from the command line (a normal command shell such as sh/bash, csh/tcsh, etc.; or a Windows command shell). We strongly recommend reading also An introduction to the Ciao emacs environment for the basics on using Ciao under emacs, which is a much simpler and much more powerful way of developing Ciao programs, and has the advantage of offering an almost identical environment under Unix and Windows.

For any problem during the installation or use of Ciao, please refer to Troubleshooting for common issues and reporting bugs.