PART I - Using CiaoPP

Author(s): The Ciao Development Team.

This part documents several levels of interaction with CiaoPP. As quick introduction we recommend going through the CiaoPP Quick Tutorial and Advanced Tutorial on Program Development and Optimization using the CiaoPP Program Processor sections.

CiaoPP can be used from an intuitive graphical menu interface, based on the emacs editor, which allows the interactive selection of configuration options. An equivalent command-line interface, described in The CiaoPP command-line interface, is provided for non-interactive use.

For more advanced uses, CiaoPP can be used directly as a library from a toplevel interface. We provide both a mostly automatic high-level interface, described in The CiaoPP high-level interface, and a low-level interface intended for advanced users, detailed in The CiaoPP low-level interface. Both the graphical and the command-line interfaces are based on the functionality provided by the high and low-level interfaces.