This document groups a number of tutorials meant to help when starting to use CiaoPP. It is a companion to the reference manual for CiaoPP, which gives a fuller description of the system. Some of these tutorials are interactive, using the Active Logic Documents facility of LPdoc.

The following tutorials are available:

  • CiaoPP at a glance. This brief tutorial provides a quick overview suitable for understanding the some basics about how CiaoPP works. It is however is not intended to be a tutorial on how to use CiaoPP. The following tutorial is recommended for this.

  • A Gentle Introduction to Static Verification and Bug Finding with CiaoPP. This tutorial illustrates step-by-step the development of a concrete program starting from a given problem statement and a specification, expressed using the Ciao assertion language, to describe predicates and their properties. Our aim is to show how to use CiaoPP to prove statically whether these assertions hold and/or detect bugs, while stepwise developing the program. The tutorial also provides an introduction to the dynamic checking aspects of CiaoPP. In particular, the document includes the following topics:

    • Defining modules and exports
    • Type and Mode Analysis
    • Assertions and properties
    • Non-failure and Determinacy Analysis
    • Dynamic Bug Finding with CiaoPP's Testing Facilities

  • Program Development using the CiaoPP Program Processor is a more advanced tutorial. The tutorial includes these sections:

    • Static Analysis and Program Assertions
      • Static Analysis Basics
      • Type Analysis
      • Non-failure and Determinacy Analysis
      • Size, Resources, and Termination Analysis
      • Decidability, Approximations, and Safety

    • Program Debugging and Assertion Checking
      • Assertions and Properties
      • Using analysis information for debugging
      • Static Checking of Assertions in System Libraries
      • Static Checking of User Assertions and Program Validation
      • Performance Debugging and Validation

About CiaoPP

CiaoPP is the abstract interpretation-based preprocessor of the Ciao multi-paradigm program development environment. CiaoPP can perform a number of program debugging, analysis, and source-to-source transformation tasks on (Ciao) Prolog programs. These tasks include:

The information generated by analysis, program properties to be verified, descriptions of the system libraries, directives provided to guide analysis, etc. are all written in the same assertion language, which is in turn also processed by the Ciao system documentation generator, lpdoc.

CiaoPP is distributed under the GNU general public license.