Quick installation

Use the following one-liner in a shell to install the core system on Linux, macOS, and Windows (using Windows Subsystem for Linux):
curl -sSfL | sh
or the following to install a full development environment (requires Emacs):
curl -sSfL | sh -s -- get devenv
The development environment (devenv bundle) can be installed on top of an existing core installation using ciao get devenv.

Other Ciao components are distributed in separate bundles, which you can explore at the bundle catalog (including links to documentation, binaries and build status, as well as source code repositories).

Note for Windows users: Native builds for Windows are experimental supported via MSYS2. Please contact us if you need it.

Installation from source

Clone the repository:
git clone
Then follow the installation instructions at the Ciao manual. In a nutshell, ./ local-install is enough to perform a core installation, while ./ get devenv will install the full environment.

Uninstalling Ciao

Bundles installed via ciao get must be uninstalled and removed explicitly. Currently, this needs to be done manually per bundle. E.g., uninstalling the development environment (if installed) requires:

ciao uninstall ciao_emacs; ciao rm ciao_emacs; ciao rm devenv
Once all bundles have been removed, the core Ciao system can be uninstalled running ./ uninstall from the source directory (then remove the directory).

If installed using a one-liner, the system must be removed from the default installation directory at ~/.ciaoroot/master. E.g., using a script like:

( cd ~/.ciaoroot/master; ./ uninstall )
rm -rf ~/.ciaoroot/master
rmdir ~/.ciaoroot > /dev/null 2>&1 || true