Manager for persistent data directories

Author(s): Jose F. Morales.

This module abstracts the location of directories for storing persistent data.

The directory for persistent data will be placed under deploy_data_root_dir/1 (multifile) or inside the temporary build directory (see config_common:data_root_dir/1.

See ensure_datadir/2 for usage. This module is handy to select the directory for persdb databases, e.g.:

persistent_dir(db, Dir) :- ensure_datadir('yourapp', Dir).

Usage and interface

Documentation on exports


Obtain the absolute path Path for storing persistent data under relative RelPath directory. The directory is created if needed.

Documentation on multifiles

Directory for persistent data on deployment. If this is a relative path, it will be placed under the HOME directory automatically. The predicate is multifile.

Documentation on imports

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