HTTP server

Author(s): The Ciao Development Team, Jose F. Morales (multifile-based HTTP simple server).

This module implements a simple HTTP server.

It can be used to handle individual HTTP requests (http_serve_fetch/2) or for implementing a simple HTTP server (see http_bind/1, http_loop/1, http_shutdown/1).

Clients of this module must use the http_server_hooks package and implement the multifile httpserv.handle/3 (see http_loop/1 for details).

Usage and interface

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Read a HTTP request from Stream, obtain the response calling Serve predicate, and write the response to the socket stream.

    Meta-predicate with arguments: http_serve_fetch(?,pred(2)).



    Bind socket to the port Port (use with http_loop/1)



      Listen and handle HTTP requests in a loop. You can terminate this loop by http_shutdown/1 predicate. Requests are handled by multifile httpserv.handle/3 and httpserv.file_path/2 predicates (declared in http_server_hooks file).


        ExitCode mark that we are not going to process further requests


          Execute Handler on Request to obtain Response. If Handler fails or raises some exception E, a response is obtained calling ErrHandler on E. This is useful, for example, to produce an HTML page informing about the incident

            Meta-predicate with arguments: http_protect(pred(2),pred(2),?,?).

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            No further documentation available for this predicate. The predicate is multifile.

            No further documentation available for this predicate. The predicate is multifile.

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